Roadshow dedicated to all the stakeholders of the IoT and Smart Living industry.

We have created a network of over 1200 players that includes technology vendors, service providers, professionals, innovation hubs and digital natives / startups.
Working together to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things and new smart environments.

How to make the Smart Living market take off?

This is one of the questions we asked our network: what to do and where to start to ensure that the many technologies and innovative solutions already available can be implemented at large scale.

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Where to begin with Smart Living solutions?

The solutions and themes presented at our regional events in June 2027 were many and very interesting. We have collected the opinions of some participants in two short videos.

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A new engine of economic growth?

Over the next few years, the Smart Living market can bring improvements at various levels – from our economy, local and national, to our living or working environments. We shared this vision across all the geographic areas hosting Smart Home NOW in June.

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Smart Living Solutions in LUISS Enlabs in Rome

Creating Smart Living on a large scale – this is the goal of the workshop hosted by Luiss ENLABS in Rome. We discussed enabling IoT platforms, user experiences and smart made-in-Italy solutions applied to use cases and new services in the care, safety, comfort and clean energy industries.

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Smart Living Solutions in IMPACT-Hub Bari

We talked about innovation, skills and new services to make every single living environment or neighborhood more connected, smarter and safer.

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Smart Living Solutions in Trentino Sviluppo and FBK

Smart and connected solutions to generate renewable energy or store electricity and heat, ensure safety of people and provide new customizable services, from assistance to health.

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New partnerships to promote Smart Living solutions

Despite the explosion of technologies and innovations in the emerging market for Smart Living solutions and services, the growth potential of new jobs in our local communities still seems largely overlooked.

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Why digitize the silver economy?

Today we are living longer and Europe is aging rapidly: in 2003 18% of the European population and 21% of the Italian population were over 65 years old. In 2050 this percentage will reach 28% at European level and more than 30% in Italy.

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Accelerate the Digital Transformation and the new Service Economy

The promise of Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things is to improve our living environments and our quality of life, or to introduce solutions and services that make our homes, offices, neighborhoods and cities safer, healthier, more efficient and – why not – more enjoyable!

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A day dedicated to Smart Neighborhoods

Over 120 people attended the event we organized at the Navacchio Technological Pole in Pisa to talk about innovation, integration and collaborations to build new smart neighborhoods.

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SmartHomeNow at Disruptive Week MILAN

Innovative solutions and new business models, networking sessions and direct involvement in OpenLAB were some of the ingredients of our stop in MILAN.

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SmartHomeNow in TIM WorkingCapital in BOLOGNA

Other companies participated in the BOLOGNA event with new solutions, tools, and models for large scale smart living solutions.

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SmartHomeNow in TOOLBox and Officine ARDUINO in Torino

TURIN hosted the first workshop on smart living solutions organized by us with the participation of various companies and service providers.

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