The topics covered and the solutions presented during the Smart Home NOW events in June 2017 were many and higly relevant.

By Smart Living solutions we mean all solutions consisting of devices, intelligent functions and value-added services (also provided by third parties) controlled, chosen or bought directly by the end user for his living or working environment. A sort of “Smart City” but seen from the point of view of the end user, his residence or neighborhood.
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At the Smart Home NOW events we talked about new, individual citizen services, from healthto food innovation toassistance (with Aicare, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Trilogis, Città Del Sole and CucinaBarilla), and about sostainability and energy efficiency (with Glass-to-Power, InfinityHUB, Caroli Elettronica, Energy, SolidPower, WindCity, Progetto EnergyRouter and Siwego), and about security (with Yale Italia), about integration and supervision platforms (with QNAP), about Internet of Things, Intelligenza Artificiale e Virtual Reality (with Amazon Web Services, Bari Polytechnic University/AI, Bari Polytechnic University/IoT, Bari Polytechnic University/SSTlab, Wideverse and Nextome), about open source standards and communities of Makers (with Authometion and with the support of Farnell Element14), about the importance ofthe end user experience (with Baasbox, Filo and Snapback), about regional innovation districts and Open Innovation (with Distretto Produttivo Informatica della Puglia, Trentino Sviluppo, LUISS Enlabs and LVenture).

In the networking sessions we asked the participants what their favorite Smart Living solutions were, the ones they would give priority to. Here are some interesting answers, summarized in these two short videos:

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