How to manage COMPETENCES in changing markets?

The ongoing digital transformation is rapidly changing competences, jobs and organizations in profound and radical ways. We help you navigate the change.

New Competences


career innovation

Career Innovation

What do you offer? What does the market require? How to reach your goal?

Can you answer these 3 questions? An individual, personalized Career Innovation process includes in-person or video meeting over the course of 2-3 months. We will answer the 3 questons based on YOUR specific situation:

  • We will analyze what you actually offer (experience, skills, attitude, motivation) and improve the way you present yourself (CV, LinkedIn).
  • We start from the real needs of companies and decide how to best identify and create new opportunities.
  • We set goals and working methods that work for you!

4.0 Training

Are you a Team Manager? An HR Manager? A business owner? Are you wondering how to future proof your people and organization?

The most important thing is to address the taboo of obsolescence together, create awareness and give people the tools to take control of their own change, even engaging them in creating new value beyond the current business context.

Speeches, workshops, consulting, coaching – online or in-person support for individuals, teams or cross-functional groups, always starting from real business priorities and projects.

training 4.0
competence scouting

Competence Scouting

It’s nolonger enough to hire, fire or redesign organizations. To navigate the complexity of markets, company must adopt new methods that guatantee organizational agility.

Knowing how to access the right competences in real time becomes crucial in markets where:

  • radical changes will be more and more frequent
  • the most requested profiles are almost impossible to attract and retain
  • social responsibility and corporate reputation have become business priorities.

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4.0 Training
Gianpiero Francavilla

IoT TRAINING Agenda – Bari

Date: March 1st 2018 At:Museo della Fotografia – POLYTECHNIC University of Bari | Via Edoardo Orabona 4, 70125 Bari FREE REGISTRATION The training will be

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