Technology Innovation

Innovate to grow

The technology decisions you make today determine your success in the future. Digitization, Virtualization, 4.0 are now tools accessible to all. Therefore, they have become essential to even be present on the market.

Based on your preferences we can work on-site or remotely, collaborating actively with your teams and/or suppliers.

Contact us for a specific consulting service, for the managment of a project or to define a continuous relationship based on specific objectives.

Technology Innovation

Technology Innovation Services

data and iot

Data and IoT

Starting from your existing systems, we integrate what is needed (sensors, interfaces, gateways, protocols, communication network) for you to detect, collect e value the data generated by your machines wherever they are located – in real-time and completely secure.

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Digital Twin

We create a digital copy of your process so you can manage all your activities in real time and in a secure way – without interfering with the real production process.

Having a virtual model allows you to make changes to reduce costs, increase productivity and innovate your business before making any investments or making any other decisions.

digital twin

Innovation Management

Transitions require speed of action and redefinition of relationships between different company functions.

We can help you refocus everybody’s objectives, and reduce the organizational barriers to change.

Technology Support

We support you in evaluating solutions and architectures and in your dialogue with suppliers.

You must make conscious technology decisions in order to guarantee continuity, flexibility of systems and future ability to compete.

The future is determined here.


Innovation Partnerships

New technologies are enabling completely new business models and partners able to halve costs, multiply sales and improve your business.

We support you in finding and evaluating the best partners for your business.


Non-repayable loans, subsidized loans, tax credits… We help you gain access to the many (already available and upcoming) opportunities for funding your investiments in innovation, digitization and 4.0 transitions.

We collaborate closely with both your technical and administrative teams.


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