Flight to the future: the Aerospace industry in Italy

The Space Economy The Italian aerospace sector is the 7th worldwide and the 4th in Europe by turnover (ICE, 2020). The importance goes far beyond the economic value because this industry has always had a role as the driver of innovation: many products, materials e technologies that we cannot live without today, were invented in the […]

Transition 4.0: how to reap the benefits and avoid mistakes?

Advantages The advantages that a company can obtain by adopting the 4.0 Transition plan and, in general, by innovating digitally following the guidelines of the recent PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) are HUGE, both in terms of actual funding (including non-repayable contributions) and in terms of opportunities to innovate company infrastructure and processes and […]

Webinar on the Italian Life Science Market

The Italian Life Sciences market Our webinar on March 25th 2021 was organized in collaboration with the Danish Export association.  The main purpose was to share insights about the Italian Pharma industry with Danish industry suppliers. We included market trends and opportunities in the biotech, medical device, chemical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries as well as […]

Webinar on the Italian Health Tech Market

The Italian market after Covid19 Our webinar about the Italian Healthtech market (February 18th 2021) was organized in collaboration with the Danish association Welfare Tech (now: Danish Life Science Cluster). The purpose was to share insights about the Italian market for Healthtech, one year after Covid19 dramatically hit healthcare markets all over the world.  In Europe, […]

Agrifood Innovation Opportunity in Italy

agrifood innovation

Increasing DEMAND for Food The demands on the world’s Agriculture and Food systems will increase dramatically in the coming decades due to population growth (+30% by 2030) and improved living standards. For the world’s leading agrifood nations this represents a big growth opportunity, but also an important responsibility. This is a great growth opportunity for […]

ITALY – a leading European agrifood market

1. Italy = AgriFood Italy is the third market in Europe (after France and Germany) both in terms of market size (60 million consumers) and in terms of agricultural production (about 55 billion euros). Food is deeply rooted in the Italian culture and internatioal brand and Italy is the EU country with the biggest Association […]

ITALY: the most interesting market in Europe for Health Tech!

WHY? 1. Large and growing elderly population Italy has 60 million citizens, the average age is among the highest in the world and life expectancy is increasing. There are already over 13 million over-65s and over 4 million over-80s (respectively 22.5% and 7% of the population) and they represent 25% of the country’s private consumption, […]

Results of our 4.0 project for a large chemical company in Tuscany

factory 4.0

We participated as speakers at the final event where the results of the 4.0 project financed by the Tuscany Region and coordinated by Confindustria Firenze-COSEFI were presented. Business and academic expert had collaborated with four different companies interested in implementing 4.0 applications.The meeting was an occasion for institutional representatives, consultants, business owners and managers who […]

Building 4.0 – Smart Buildings and Process Innovation

4.0 Building Brindisi

We were invited to this conference by the Association of Engineers, the Association of Architects and the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi. The event is organized by the main professional and trade associations (engineers, architects, consultants) with the collaboration of research bodies and companies in the innovative 4.0 building industry.We presented the session:“Innovation and 4.0 […]

IoT and Industry 4.0 workshops

New technologies and business models, architectures, incentives and testimonials to build solutions and grow your business. Workshops that we have organized with the support of Amazon Web Services, Farnell and in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Bari. Milan workshop on IoT and Industry 4.0 Applications for small and medium businesses, and real use cases – […]