Smart Living Roadshow

Roadshow dedicated to all the stakeholders of the IoT and Smart Living industry. We have created a network of over 1200 players that includes technology vendors, service providers, professionals, innovation hubs and digital natives / startups. Working together to accelerate the development of the Internet of Things and new smart environments. How to make the […]

A new engine of economic growth?

In the coming years Smart Living can bring improvements on many levels – both for the local and national economy and for the quality of the environments in which we live. There is already an awareness of this in the three territories that hosted Smart Home NOW in June: Trentino, Bari and Rome. With Smart […]

Where to begin with Smart Living solutions?

The topics covered and the solutions presented during the Smart Home NOW events in June 2017 were many and higly relevant. By Smart Living solutions we mean all solutions consisting of devices, intelligent functions and value-added services (also provided by third parties) controlled, chosen or bought directly by the end user for his living or […]

How to make the Smart Living market take off?

One of the questions we asked the Smart Home NOW participants in June was this: what to do, or where to start, to ensure that available innovative technologies and solutions bring tangible benefits to the homes and lives of as many people as possible? The average end user does not care much about the technology […]

New Partnerships to promote Smart-Living solutions

We are witnessing an explosion of technological solutionsand services for Smart Living (smart home / building, personal services, etc.), but there are local markets and job opportunities that are still unexplored.What is missing for these innovations to reach more homes, offices and neighborhoods in our cities? What are the next steps? WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED […]

Why digitize the silver economy?

We are living longer and longer and Europe is aging rapidly: in 2003 18% of the EU population (and 21% of the Italian polulation) was over 65 years old. In 2050 the EU average will reach 28% whereas 30% of the Italian population will be older than 65 (EU Ageing Report, 2015). The challenges of […]

Accelerating the digital transformation and a new service economy

Digital Transformation and Internet of Things can improve living environent and quality of life introducing solutions and services that make our homes, offices, neighborhoods and cities safer, healthier, more efficient and enjoyable!But this promise of large scale change has not yet become reality. The technology is already available and places that need quality-of-life improvement too. […]

Smart Home Now Milan


Milan, May 12th 2016 Location: DISRUPTIVE WEEK MILAN 2016 – Centro Guida Sicura ACI-SARA Via Manuel Fangio, 20020 Lainate (MI). The event was part of Disruptive Week 2016, a week of national and international events dedicated to innovative, emerging technologies with particular focus on Internet Of Things, M2M, Smart Home, Smart Energy, Robotics, Industry 4.0, […]