In the coming years Smart Living can bring improvements on many levels – both for the local and national economy and for the quality of the environments in which we live. There is already an awareness of this in the three territories that hosted Smart Home NOW in June: Trentino, Bari and Rome.

With Smart Home NOW we wanted to create a space where the players of the new IoT supply chains could meet, discuss and demonstrate solutions able to improve quality of life but – for various reasons – not yet widely implemented. An example? Italy is among the first countries in the world for growth of the elderly population, the number of families living in condominium and the number of tourists hosted every year: applying innovative solutions (IoT, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence) to these markets can improve people’s lives and create new services and jobs at the local level.

The three territories that hosted us in June are very different, but we noticed that the vision of Smart Living as an economic growth engine is shared across the regions. In Trentino as a natural extension of the region’s consolidated sustainability skills, already applied in various areas. In Barias a double opportunity: the economic opportunity linked to new job creation and the social opportunity of improving the quality of life for citizens. In Rome as a huge market for the innovative solutions being created in new collaboration partnerships between corporates and startups.

Here are the detailed comments from our hosts.

TRENTINO | Paolo Pretti, from the Operational Management of TRENTINO SVILUPPO explained that “Smart Livingis an industry where Trentino has a lot to offer thanks to the specific skills which combine a high technological specialization with attention to the environment and quality of life. The development of industry partnerships in this area is in line with the operational plan of Progetto Manifattura, Trentino’s Green Economy hub, which sees home automation as one of the magnets of its growth plan”.

BARI | Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo, professor at BARI POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY and Industry 4.0 representative in the various working groups at national and regional level declared: “Smart Living represents a great development opportunity for our region, which we cannot afford not to grasp. In the context of ‘living” – as is the case in manufacturing – digital innovation enables the fourth industrial revolution to which the Polytechnic is very committed: emphasis must be placed on the design of services that accompany the physical product and make it more competitive. This is the main challange: Innovating products and business models to create quality employment, increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact, improve the quality of life of citizens”.

ROMA | Guido Pezzin, Business Advisor LVenture Group and responsible for Open Innovation in LUISS ENLABS: “We are very pleased to be involved in this initiative which has allowed us to consolidate the role of LVenture Group and LUISS ENLABS as a leading group in the Open Innovation industry, extending our presence in the national territory and our network of companies active in the industry. In fact, at this moment we are launching vertical acceleration programs for startups dedicated to topics such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence and IoT with the aim of bringing our corporate partners closer to the world of innovation and connecting large corporates and startups. In this context, the Smart Home industry is particularly relevant and interesting because of the vast opportunities for the application of innovative solutions”.

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