We were invited to this conference by the Association of Engineers, the Association of Architects and the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi. The event is organized by the main professional and trade associations (engineers, architects, consultants) with the collaboration of research bodies and companies in the innovative 4.0 building industry.
We presented the session:“Innovation and 4.0 Professionals – Opportunities, Tools and New Personalized Services” and in the first part of the speech we talked about new products (IoT), data, integration and new business models.
The second part of our session was dedicated to concrete innovative projects in three market areas of considerable interest in terms of investment capacity / incentives, specific market needs and a potential that goes beyond the regional economy:

  • the digital transformation of commercial buildings and production plants supported by the national 4.0 plan
  • smart living – scalable models to customize living environments and meeting places (safety issues, aging population, rentals / tourism, energy saving)
  • indoor farming as a strategy to transform abandoned buildings and create a more competitive, safe and sustainable agrifood chain.

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