The Italian Life Sciences market

Our webinar on March 25th 2021 was organized in collaboration with the Danish Export association. 

The main purpose was to share insights about the Italian Pharma industry with Danish industry suppliers. We included market trends and opportunities in the biotech, medical device, chemical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries as well as publicly available information about hospital and manufacturing plant investment projects in Italy. 

Globally recognized Production Hub

Italy is among the 10 biggest economies in the world and the 2nd manufacturing nation in the EU. That alone makes the market interesting and the Italian Life Sciences market represents a series of excellences and leadership positions that often are not common knowledge.

In the EU only Germany has a pharmaceutical production that can match the Italian production volumes. Part of the reason is that most of the biggest global industry players have one or several production plants in Italy (and often R&D facilities as well). 

In addition, there is a significant contract manufacturing activity in the Italian life science industry,

Also, among the leading domestic companies are man strong, global players and as a result Italy as a whole has the fastest pharmaceutical export growth in the EU.

Strong Investment Focus

The life sciences industries are frontrunners when it comes to industrial investments in Italy, e.g. investments in clean and digital production technologies and in solutions to reduce environmental impact. 

During the webinar we also discussed the fact that the Italien life science industry is a highly strategic industry in about half of the 20 Italian regions, both in terms of revenue, exports and job creation.

Therefore, this part of the economy is likely to be reinforced with the national investment plan approved as part of the Next Generation EU program.  

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You can download the webinar presentation from this link.

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