Green and Digital – Many challenges, One possible solution

With a little help from the pandemic, ALL companies – regardless of size and industry – have finally realized that to remain competitive it is fundamental to speed up digitalization. Despite the obvious challenges: technology creates profound changes in relations with clients, suppliers, partners the competences required to innovate are changing at a higher speed […]

WATER – Preserving a Scarce Resource

Should we continue to accept Italy’s dramatic waste of water – year after year? Personally I don’t think so: We have the awareness created by DATA We have the urgency created by CLIMATE CHANGE We have plenty of technology to SOLVE the problem! Italy is the EU country with the highest withdrawal of drinking water: […]

Webinar on the Italian Life Science Market

The Italian Life Sciences market Our webinar on March 25th 2021 was organized in collaboration with the Danish Export association.  The main purpose was to share insights about the Italian Pharma industry with Danish industry suppliers. We included market trends and opportunities in the biotech, medical device, chemical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries as well as […]