Results of our 4.0 project for a large chemical company in Tuscany

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We participated as speakers at the final event where the results of the 4.0 project financed by the Tuscany Region and coordinated by Confindustria Firenze-COSEFI were presented. Business and academic expert had collaborated with four different companies interested in implementing 4.0 applications.
The meeting was an occasion for institutional representatives, consultants, business owners and managers who had participated to share feedback and discuss results.
Event agenda.
The companies involved are important Tuscan companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and one of the companies we supported was Gruppo Biokimica, a large company based in Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa).
Biokimica is one of the leading international producers of liquid and powder products for the treatment and coloring of leather.

Objectives and results of our support to Biokimica Group

Our consulting support included the following:

  • 4.0 Assessment
  • New architecture and 4.0 model
  • creation of a 4.0 pilot projectdigital twin
  • 4.0 Roadmap with development of functions and resources

During the meeting Biokimica’s CEO, dott. Mario Pedrazzini, highlighted the value the company has acquired participating in this project and the intention to pursue the innovation and transformation opportunities identified.
The pilot project realized was demonstrated live during the event and included varous 4.0 enabling technologies including IoT integration (Internet of Things), cloud services, data analysis, virtual reality visualization and security. This pilot was used to raise awareness among the main decision makers in the company and initiate the transformation necessary for large-scale implementation.

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