The Italian market after Covid19

Our webinar about the Italian Healthtech market (February 18th 2021) was organized in collaboration with the Danish association Welfare Tech (now: Danish Life Science Cluster). The purpose was to share insights about the Italian market for Healthtech, one year after Covid19 dramatically hit healthcare markets all over the world. 

In Europe, Italy was one of the countries that paid the highest price in the first months of the pandemic. 

Digitalization and Innovation

Italy is among the 10 biggest economies in the world and with 60 M citizens, it is the third biggest country in EU. That alone makes the market interesting.

Italy has a strong position in many areas of the healthcare market, including pharmaceutical and medical device production.

However, in terms of digitalization of healthcare services and administrative processes, Italy has been lagging behind most other European countries. Unfortunately, this became very clear during the Covid lock-down.

Going forward, digitalization of healthcare services and administrative processes will therefore have high priority in all Italian regions. Also because of the increasing  challenge of the aging population. More than 22% of the Italian population is already over 65 years and that share is expected to reach 35% before 2050, creating an urgent need for new solutions, new business models, new partnerships.

Artes 4.0: Healthcare Innovation

We had invited Lorna Vatta, the Director of Artes 4.0, to present its innovation strategy in the Healthtech.

Artes 4.0 (Advanced Robotics and enabling Digital TEchnologies & Systems) is one of Italy’s regional competence clusters dedicated to technology transfer, innovation and cluster building. Based in Tuscany, Artes 4.0 has partners and members in several other Italian regions.

Members are: educational and research institutions, small and large companies, industry organizations, associations incubators and accelerators.  

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You can access the webinar material here:

Download the presentations (in English):
Tina Riis_Italian HealthTech_webinar_18 02 2021
Lorna Vatta_Artes 4.0_Italian HealthTech_webinar_18 02 2021

Watch the webinar (in Danish and English):

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