Rovereto (TN) June 8th 2017


Via Fortunato Zeni, 8 – 38068 Rovereto (TN) (Link).

The goal of this day hosted by Trentino Sviluppo was thelarge scale implementation of Smart Living solutions featuring presentations of solutions and models, design of local market partnerships and evaluation of the technology integration necessary to provide useful, “smart” applications to the end customer.
Brining new, intelligent and connected solutions to every single home, office or neighborhood, to generaterenewable energy or store electricity and heat. Ensuring the safetyof people and providing new innovative and customizable services, from assistance to health. Effectively integrating the citizens’ own technologies / devices with the services offered by the public administration and private suppliers in order to improve quality of life and optimize resources.
These were some of the topics covered and explored during the afternoon sessions dedicated to business matching and Open Lab. Vendors presented available technologies to digital experts and professionals ready to implement and integrate the solutions locally and to national service providers interested in accelerating this local ecosystem by adding new, value-added services.

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