Bari June 15th 2017

Location: IMPACT HUB Bari

Via Volga (c/o Fiera del Levante) – 70123 Bari (Link).

Large scale Smart Living implementation was the goal of the day.
The morning was dedicated to the presentation of solutions and modelsand the afternoon to the practical collaboration in the local market and the technological integration necessary to offer useful and “smart” applications to local customers.
We talked about innovation, skills and new services (assistance) that can make every single building, home, office or neighborhood more intelligent, connected and safe both for the local citizens and for the many tourists who visit Puglia every year. The important thing is to effectively bring together the ability to design new solutions with the integration experience of local professionals and the financial tools necessary to support launch of new projects.
These are some of the issues that the participants discussed. Product vendors presented technologies and solutions, digital experts and professionals illustrated projects for (large scale) implementation and service providers assessed the integration of new value-added services.

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