Where to begin with Smart Living solutions?

The topics covered and the solutions presented during the Smart Home NOW events in June 2017 were many and higly relevant. By Smart Living solutions we mean all solutions consisting of devices, intelligent functions and value-added services (also provided by third parties) controlled, chosen or bought directly by the end user for his living or […]

How to make the Smart Living market take off?

One of the questions we asked the Smart Home NOW participants in June was this: what to do, or where to start, to ensure that available innovative technologies and solutions bring tangible benefits to the homes and lives of as many people as possible? The average end user does not care much about the technology […]

Smart Home Now Rome

Luiss EnLabs Roma

Rome June 22nd 2017 Location: LUISS ENLABS Roma Termini, Via Marsala, 29/h, 00185 Roma (Link). Creating large scale Smart Living implementation – this is the goal of the workshop hosted by Luiss ENLABS in Rome. Focus was on enabling IoT platforms, user experiences and smart made-in-Italy solutions applied to use cases and new services in […]

Smart Home Now Bari

ImpactHub Bari

Bari June 15th 2017 Location: IMPACT HUB Bari Via Volga (c/o Fiera del Levante) – 70123 Bari (Link). Large scale Smart Living implementation was the goal of the day.The morning was dedicated to the presentation of solutions and modelsand the afternoon to the practical collaboration in the local market and the technological integration necessary to […]

Smart Home Now Trentino

Trentino Sviluppo

Rovereto (TN) June 8th 2017 Location: TRENTINO SVILUPPO Via Fortunato Zeni, 8 – 38068 Rovereto (TN) (Link). The goal of this day hosted by Trentino Sviluppo was thelarge scale implementation of Smart Living solutions featuring presentations of solutions and models, design of local market partnerships and evaluation of the technology integration necessary to provide useful, […]

New Partnerships to promote Smart-Living solutions

We are witnessing an explosion of technological solutionsand services for Smart Living (smart home / building, personal services, etc.), but there are local markets and job opportunities that are still unexplored.What is missing for these innovations to reach more homes, offices and neighborhoods in our cities? What are the next steps? WHAT WE HAVE LEARNED […]

A day dedicated to Smart Neighborhoods

Pisa Polo Tecnologico

On 6 October, over 120 people attended the SmartHomeNOW Pisa event at the Technological Hub of Navacchio (Pisa) to talk about innovation, integration and partnerships in the smart living industry and smart neighborhoods.Andrea Di Benedetto, President of the Navacchio Hub, introduced the day as follows:“We want to make the Technological Hub smarter and more Internet […]

Smart Home Now Torino

Casa Jasmina Torino

Torino March 11th 2016 Location: TOOLBox Coworking, Officine Arduino | Casa Jasmina Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2 – 10134 Torino (Link). TORINO hosted the first Smart Home NOW event on Friday March 11th 2016. Some participants: ABB, BTICINO, GEWISS, CNA, TIM JOL, COOSS Marche, PuntoService, Guanxi, ESAC, Politecnico Torino, Polo Tecnologico Navacchio, Souliss, Fablab, Rete […]