In collaboration with Federmanager between April and June 2018 we have created personalized training consultancy for executives from companies in the IT industry who intend to launch new individual projects in the Industry 4.0 sector.

The courses (36h) were divided into two phases: action learning e project work.

These are the main topics covered:

  • Digital Building Blocks – markets, tools and impact
  • Business Modeling and Data Analytics tools
  • Mapping and Optimizing Digital and Connected Processes
  • Manage the implementation of the new Business Model.

In the Project Work phase, each manager has developed one or two projects of their own interest, applying the methodologies and models learned in the action learning phase. After the conclusion of the training, the managers were able to proceed with the implementation of their projects.
We also involved managers in other business development initiatives we had underway, such as an IoT Workshop we organized in Milan, where they had the opportunity to interact with other actors and partners in our network.

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