With the support of AWS – Amazon Web Services we brought the IoT /4.0 workshop to Milan hosted by YoRoom co-working. Among the participants: Business Development managers, IT Managers, System Integrators and consultants – all interested in innovating their products and services with new technologies. This was the AGENDA.

Applications for Small and Medium Businesses

During the workshop we explored many market opportunities by demonstrating applications for Industry / Enterprise 4.0, Smart Agriculture and Smart Living (security, home / building, care). Our goal is to accelerate implementation by illustrating – with demos and practical solutions – that today it is possibile for any company to begin a 4.0 path with very small initial investments.

The IoT / 4.0 topic was dealt with from both the business (new models generating value from data) and technology (standards and architectures) point of view, with lots of use cases and practical solutions (4.0 kits with devices, software and cloud) We also discussed the incentivesavailable in Italy to promote this type of innovation.
In terms of Dataand Cloud, we demonstrated how it is possible, immediate and cost-free to join the IoT / 4.0 revolution using AWS-Amazon Web Servicesto create solutions and then gradually increase the business managed (e.g. number of products, services, users or suppliers / partners).

Participant Cases
Some participating companies shared the digitization projects they have underway, thus contributing to the interaction during the day and to the initiative’s objective: to provide ideas and tools to define, discuss and validate their own innovation project.


DAIVAI Srl aims to accelerate innovation with the new IoT-Internet of Things and Enterprise 4.0 solutions. We bring together complementary partners and provide knowledge, operational tools and practical use cases to facilitate access to the innovation necessary to compete in an increasingly connected and data-driven world. In the past two years, our initiatives have involved over a thousand vendors, service providers, system integrators, professionals and startups in the main Italian Innovation HUBs.

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