Florence 9-16-23 November 2018

Where: MIP – Murate IdeaPark | Piazza Madonna della Neve 8, 50122 – Florence

Innovating in just 3 days?

Or course, you can do it too!
In this workshop, starting from use cases, demos, interest and requirements of participants, we work together to create IoT and Enterprise 4.0 solutions to innovate your company.

  • How to digitize a product or service?
  • Which (internal and external) processes to digitize to speed up and save money?
  • How to sell more with new business models?
  • Where to find useful resources (skills, funding)?


Technical skills are not necessary to participate: technology is discussed, but only to illustrate how it can increase company’s results with examples, use cases and information useful for launching own projects.
The technologies that are revolutionizing all sectors are finally accessible to all small and medium-sized enterprises to create an impact on the market, until now considered unthinkable or too expensive.


You can register your company for the first workshop in November, designed for max 15 people (5 companies with 3 people each) and distributed on 3 consecutive Fridays: 9/11, 16/11 e 23/11.

FREE PREVIEW October 16th

We invite you to participate for free and without obligation to a preview / kick-off next Tuesday 16 October 2018, from 17 to 19.
You will thus have the opportunity to experience the content of the workshop and the possible advantages for your company and for those (your colleagues or partners) you want to include in the November path.

Limited places to participate in the preview on October 16th.

Presso MIP – Murate Idea Park, Piazza Madonna della Neve 8, 50122 Firenze (map)


The information and training provided are based on open and widespread standards and therefore can be used with any type of product or platform on the market. Specifically, some technological partners have made available to us tools and platforms, open and accessible, to demonstrate how to create innovative solutions.


MURATE IDEA PARK is the place where business ideas are released and the conditions for the birth of new startups are created. An initiative of SSATI (Scuola Scienze Aziendali e Tecnologie Industriali) which collects and develops the experience of the Florentine Incubator and the Murate Technology Park. A Community of subjects united by a common love for innovation, by trust in the future, by a strong sense of belonging to the international system of the knowledge economy, who have freely chosen to participate and support the development of the Florentine innovation ecosystem.

DAIVAI Srl aims to accelerate innovation with the new IoT-Internet of Things and IMPRESA 4.0 solutions. We aggregate complementary partners and provide knowledge, operational tools and practical use cases to facilitate companies’ access to the innovation necessary to compete in an increasingly connected and data-driven world. In the past two years, our initiatives have involved over a thousand vendors, service providers, system integrators, professionals and startups in the main Italian Innovation HUBs.

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