What does Internet of Things mean and how does it apply to companies in the Northern Tuscany area?

Industria 4.0 Carlton

Industry 4.0 project for CARLTON(Business Growth for a Long-termRecoveryin Toscana Nord) is dedicated to the managers of companies in the Northern Tuscany Area (Lucca, Pistoia and Prato) that adhere to FONDIRIGENTI.
The project includes 6 days of training on the main themes and tools of Industry 4.0: Internet of Things, Big Dataand Analytics, predictive maintenance, 3D printers.

We, with Gianpiero Francavilla, were responsible for the training on Internet of Things (IoT).

The workship achieved the following objectives:

  • Define and emphasize the importance of Industry 4.0
  • Illustrate the solutions creating the foundation for Industry 4.0
  • Define internet of things and its impacts
  • Identify and show the relevance of digital skills
  • Understanding which industries will be profoundly affected by these new technologies
  • Show how digital skills become crucial
  • Indicate concrete applications in industries where transformation is already having full impact

In the first part of the workshop we provided all the expected knowledge and illustrated a series of practical use cases in industries similar to those of the participating companies. We also presented a live Internet of Things demo created for the occasion, with sensors in the field and data analysis and visualizationservices in the cloud. The aim was to stimulate the creative interaction of the participants and the feedback was very positive.

Participating companies and possible practical applications

The second part of the workshop was dedicated to questions and discussion of specific cases of interest.
About 15 managers participated representing 7 companies in different industries: e.g. chemicals, paper, textiles, utilities. The variety of industries respresented stimulated the discussion of requirements and made it possible to highlight the transversal nature of technologies, solutions and skills. Opportunities for cluster collaboration were identified, facilitated by the horizontal integration potential of 4.0 technologies.

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