Workshop IoT - Industry4.0 in Milano

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Gianpiero Francavilla | May 30, 2018

We took the "IoT-Industry 4.0 Workshop" to Milan (hosted by YoRoom co-working) with the support of AWS - Amazon Web Services. Among the participants: Business Development managers, Commercial managers, Professionals, Consultants, IT Managers and System Integrators - all interested in innovating products and services with the new technologies. This is the AGENDA.

Applications for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
During the workshop we identified many different market opportunities and demonstrated applications for Industry 4.0, Smart Agriculture and Smart Living (incl. security, home/building, care). Our goal is to accelerate implementation and present solutions that even small and medium-sized companies can implement easily and with very small initial investments to begin their Industry 4.0 journey.
The IoT / 4.0 topics were discussed from business (new models to generate value with data) and technological (standards e architectures) perspectives supported by use cases, practical solutions (kit 4.0 including devices, software and cloud services) and financial incentives available. Concerning Data and Cloud infrastructure and services we demonstrated how to build Iot/4.0 solutions using AWS-Amazon Web Services with very small investments and easily scale up when the business grows (e.g.: number of managed products, services, customers or suppliers/partners).

Use cases from participants
Some of the participating companies shared their ongoing digitalization projects, facilitating interactions and the overall goal of the day: provide everybody with suggestions and tools to define, discuss and validate their own innovation project.


Who we are
DAIVAI Srl's mission is to accelerate innovation of businesses with new IoT (Internet-of-Things) and Industry 4.0 solutions. We bring together complementary partners and facilitate sharing of knowledge, tools and practical use cases necessary to innovate in an increasingly connected, competitive and data-driven market. In the last couple of years we involved more than a thousand vendors, service providers, system integrators, professionals and startups in Italy's main innovation HUBs.

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