Workshop IoT - Industry4.0 in Bari

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Gianpiero Francavilla | March 10, 2018

Thanks to the Politecnico di BARI for hosting and supporting our IoT and Industry 4.0 workshop on March 1, 2018.
Prof. Pierpaolo Pontrandolfo welcomed the participants with us.

We did a 360° overview of the IoT and Business4.0: enabling technologies, new business models, government incentives, technological architectures and standards, use cases, gradual development of solutions to reach full 4.0 maturity level. The audience was diverse: local companies, professionals/system integrators, students and researchers, trainers and consultants. Upcoming editions might be shorter and/or more focused in terms of audience, in order to facilitate interaction and matching between participants. If you have input or specific requests do not hesitate to contact us.

We are vendor independent and all the input provided during the workshop was based on open and widespread standards that can be applied to different products/platforms on the market. Our goal is to accelerate implementation and we like to present demos, real solutions and generic "kits" (devices+software+cloud) to help all companies begin a process of becoming 4.0 with very low initial investments.
In terms of DATA and Cloud we discussed models and solutions that can be created in AWS-Amazon Web Services to facilitate a company that wants to begin an IoT / 4.0 process with no upfront costs, and gradually increase the number of devices/suppliers, professionals and end users managed. This way the company will be ready to grow and scale as soon as new business models take off.
Following this link you may find some of the products made available by the distributor FARNELL Element14 and shown during the workshop to create some of the IoT solutions and use cases discussed.

We presented and discussed several local use cases. Business owner Eugenio Quartulli of QUARTULLI Tessili (BR) presented his company and the need to digitalize production order processes. Leonardo Veccaro, Product Manager of ICAM (BA) presented a solution, implemented in BENELLI, to automate logistics: preparation, storage and just-in-time picking of assembly kits. Marco Pennelli of TECHNOSEC (BA) e Cesare de Palma of DE.OL. (BA) presented a predictive maintenance solutions for machine tools. Antonio Sacchetti of TERA (BA) presented a Smart Agriculture solution created for the Bocca di Lupo farm of TORMARESCA which allows real time monitoring of soil parameters in order to reduce use of water, energy and chemical products.

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