Your Company

Your IoT Dashboard

We can customize one or more pages like this one, with an IoT dashboard that displays the data of your machines or processes updated in real time and accessible from anywhere, just like any website.

You decide who can view the page – partners, clients, suppliers, public authorities or certification organizations. The page is protected with both password controlled access and encruption of data flows.


The locations of your data generating machines or data.

Project X

Your 3D Model

The interactive 3D model of your machines or processes..

Your Architecture

The topological or functional diagram of your systems, demonstrating how the data is generated, managed, shared or used. Or, simply, how the 4.0 interconnection of your systems has been created.

Your live video stream

You can include one or more live video streams from your process or security cameras, or any video-analysis or multimedia content related to the processes described in this dashboard.

monitored activities